Business event
Laszlo Tompa wedding & party DJ

Dear organizer!

Are you organizing a business dinner, group training, conference which you would like to make more memorable? You can make it more colourful by hiring a DJ.

First-class technology, the wide range of variety of music, the highbrow appearance gives the opportunity to organize a party which meets your conception or which overtops it. Karaoke can be ordered beside the DJ and the spirit of the evening can be raised this way, as well. If it is required, I send you promotional material and a CD. It doesn’t mean any kind of obligation of course.

Keeping the requests of the organizer in view I defer flexible to the occurrent claims. My aim is that the guests of my procurers go home satisfied at the end of the party.

If you organize a party where the experience, quality, appearance is important in connection with the DJ, as well, call me trustingly.

Hopefully you will belong to my future partners!


Yours faithfully
László Tompa
Business party DJ