Laszlo Tompa wedding & party DJ

Dear Visitor!

My name is László Tompa and I was born in 1974. Me and my wife raise our two daughters, Dézi and Flóra.

My work, which is my profession at the same time, has the ability to invoice. I work with legal musical material. Improving continuously my equipment I possess special sound- and light technological devices.

I have already contributed to several weddings, house and private parties. I have been working in this section for years so you are browsing at the right webpage. Write an e-mail or call me courageously, I share my experiences willingly with you. As there is a wide variety at the musical market, as well, the decision is not too easy.

- The first factor to select is the price.
When something is too cheap, one has to doubt. The same is the situation in other sections of life, as well.

- The second factor is the connection: whether it is ingratiating what you have heard.

- The last one is the personal meeting: whether there is mutual sympathy or not.

I rank myself to the qualitative suppliers. You can make sure of it by browsing my references.

I am the upholder of the reliable work in connection with the profession and humanity, as well. Thank you for honouring me with your attention gleaning my homepage.


I am waiting for your attendance.

László Tompa 
Wedding and party dj.