Wedding DJ
Laszlo Tompa wedding & party DJ

Dear Engaged couple!

You have to make decisions in connection with a lot of things on this memorable day of your life which is ahead of you. One important question is whether a wedding DJ or a band should play during the evening of your big day.There are more people from year to year who want to break up with the traditional wedding party and decide to hire a wedding DJ.

They have to take care of the entertainment of various guests from different ages at the same time. When you hire a DJ, the varied musical palette allows the just-married couple and the guests to have fun and dance all night.

I try to adapt to every need and request as flexible as I can. Most couples have favourite hits, individual notions therefore we have the possibility to talk through the scenario of the night. I can also contribute to this with my suggestions and advice. All of these can be done by a personal meeting. I can send a CD which introduces my work if it is requested.

It does not entail any obligation. The same refers to the personal meeting, as well. All these want to help you with making your decision.

Insofar as you ask me to be your wedding DJ, we sign a contract. Everybody wants this day to be perfect. I would like to add to this with my job and help your plans come true.

Best regards: László Tompa
Wedding DJ